Hi! I'm Ashley & I am so glad that you're here.

My name is Ashley, "Dear Heart" to some, and I am the founder, owner, photographer and social media manager for the MN based online boutique Dear Heart LLC, launched in July of 2019.​​

A little bit about myself... ​I grew up in in the Brainerd Lakes Area (BLA) and currently reside in the Twin Cities with my amazing husband (Andy).  I'm 32 years young, work full-time as a manager in the Twin Cities and I am an entrepreneur.  ​

Growing up, I watched in awe as my Grandma Connie made gorgeous, handmade jewelry and Grandma Fern knitted and crocheted.  Little did I know that years later I would own a business based on both of these pastimes.

​In 2017 I took on the adventure of Crochet.  I "quit" 3 times when it didn't come naturally but I continued to 'give it one last try' until the 4th attempt.. then it happened.  I fell in love with the art and beauty of crochet and knit stitches and have loved them ever since.  So begins the journey of Dear Heart's yarn creations. 

In May of 2019, I spent some time with my Grandma Connie and she taught me to make jewelry.  That day, she sent me home with everything I would need to get started.  Idea after design idea flowed through my mind!  So begins the journey of Dear Heart's handmade jewelry. ​

Over the last few years I have come to realize that I have taken on a bit of both of my Grandma's passions.  Grandma Connie creates exquisite jewelry and Grandma Fern designs admirable soft creations.  What a beautiful gift this is 🤍

​Learning of my passion for creativity and design, I decided to pursue entrepreneurship by creating an online boutique of hand-crafted accessories that continues to expand.  And so begins the journey of Dear Heart...